Pulse Summer Programming



Attacking & Blocking

This camp is designed to break down the mechanics of attacking & blocking. Athletes can plan on learning the following:

  • Arm Swing Mechanics
  • Approach Footwork
  • Hitting Decisions
  • Blocking Handwork
  • Blocking Footwork
  • Transition from Blocking to Attacking

Ages: 7th – 12th Grade.


This camp will be designed to break down every aspect of the setting. Athletes can plan to learn the following:

  • Contact Point – Hand Shape – Release
  • Setting Footwork
  • Jump Setting Footwork
  • In System Setting vs Out of System Setting
  • Bump Setting
  • Emergency Setting Moves

Ages: 7th – 12th Grade.

Ball Control

This camp will break down the different aspects of ball control. Athletes can plan on learning the following:

  • Starting Posture
  • Platform Passing / Creating Proper Angles
  • Footwork Patterns
  • Hand Passing
  • Run Through Passing
  • Emergency Moves
  • Defensive Movements
  • Visual Cues to Help Track the Ball
  • and more!

Ages: 7th – 12th Grade.

Summer All Skills

This summer camp is an excellent opportunity to learn the game of volleyball while having a blast! Athletes can plan on learning the fundamentals skills of volleyball:

  • Pass
  • Set
  • Hit
  • Serve
  • Block
  • Dig

Ages: 5th – 9th Grade.